It is strange writing about yourself, but here is a little background.


Two first names can be a little confusing. My dad’s name is Jon and my parents liked the two names together, so it just stuck.


Since 1989, I have lived in Santa Barbara and had the privilege of graduating from Westmont College in 2000. Prior to my real estate career, I had the opportunity to round my skills with positions in business banking (SBB&T), outside sales (Axia Merchant Services), international sales (Integrated Procurement Technologies), and finance & operations management (Reality). Having a broad business base and an in-depth knowledge of the Santa Barbara area, a career in real estate is a great fit. 


My career as a realtor started on a different foot. Late in 2009, I had the opportunity to join and launch a new investment group and brokerage, Bohlinger Properties. We focused on buying foreclosures and reselling those properties. Since inception, I evaluated hundreds of deals and played a large role in acquisitions. As one of the project managers, I oversaw the rehabilitation, the design of many of the projects, and upon completion listed and sold these properties.


During this time, I handled numerous traditional transactions and discovered, I enjoy being a real estate agent most. I admit that is unusual, but in 2011 I stop pursuing the investment business and turned my sole focus to serving my clients as a realtor.


Coming into real estate the way I did, gave me some additional skills that I am grateful for.  I love seeing potential in properties and sharing that with my clients.


I have a beautiful wife with a great heart, Christy, who I met while we were attending Westmont College. I think that we have the most beautiful twins who are four years old and we are in the adoption process again. I love being a dad. I love to run and enjoy playing tennis.